Progressing your career; NHS Apprentice Ellie-May at her desk

Apprenticeships provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that not only benefit your current role, but also enable you to develop a variety of transferable skills you can use to upskill or further your career in the future.

We recently spoke to apprentice Ellie-May Penny-Larter, who is using her apprenticeship training to progress her career within the NHS.   She is currently completing her level 3 team leader/supervisor apprenticeship, having previously achieved her business administrator apprenticeship with us.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do and where you work?

I work at both The John Radcliffe Hospital and The Churchill Hospital as Theatre & E-Roster Administrator. I ensure nurses are available to cover theatre as well as uploading the patient’s data and procedure information into our database. I supervise the administration team and support them when necessary. I also make sure patients have checked in and their notes are ready for their procedure, and confirm they’ve followed the correct pre-procedure information prior to surgery.


What made you decide to pursue a career working in business?

Since studying Business Studies for both GCSE and A-Levels, I always had a keen interest in this area, however, I didn’t enjoy classroom learning so I decided an apprenticeship would be more appropriate. It allows me to work full time, earn a good wage as well as developing my career.

The advantages of learning on the job are that I understand my role more clearly, the qualifications are tailored to my work, and it has given me confidence in my role.


Which things have you learnt so far on your apprenticeships that you are carrying forward with you as you progress in your career?

I’ve learnt how different factors affect a business and how difficult situations can be resolved. I’ve gained confidence in educating other staff members and patients, as well as how to efficiently manage my time and a team of people.


Can you tell us a bit about your current apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship focuses on my specific role and teaches me new skills and competences, which I can also use in future roles. I’m able to manage my own goals, which helps my development. From a business point of view, I have a clearer understanding of the NHS, and I’m able to deal with day-to-day tasks more professionally and efficiently.

It’s challenging finding time to learn new tasks alongside my current workload; however, my managers have been extremely supportive and always ensure that I am learning new skills.  I’ve really enjoyed gaining a sense of self-accomplishment and being proud of what I’ve achieved. I’ve received high level grades and have seen amazing results in myself, personally and professionally, which helps me manage myself and others.


How are you supported with your apprenticeship training?

I’ve been given set study time to meet with my Trainer Coach, Jo, to complete my coursework and I have regular catch ups with my manager to discuss the progress of my qualification and if there is anything she can support with.

Jo is always available if I have questions or need advice. She gives positive feedback and makes me feel proud of the work I’ve successfully completed.  I have progressed onto my second qualification with Haddon Training having previously achieved my level 3 business administration; I wanted to stay with Haddon Training because the staff have been so helpful, and I felt confident they could help me achieve another qualification successfully.


What are your career plans?

My apprenticeships have already helped me progress in my career at the NHS and I hope to be considered for managerial roles in the future.  I would like to complete the next level qualification after my team leader/supervisor apprenticeship, because I know how much these qualifications support my professional development.


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