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We are a Ofsted Grade 1, award-winning training provider with over 20 years experience.

We are in the New World of Apprenticeships. The Apprenticeship Standards have been created by employers, for employers and they’re designed for specific job roles.

Employers created the new standards to outline exactly what they want their staff to be knowledgeable, skilful and competent in. They’ve been the driving force behind developing the new standards and we will continue to deliver the qualification to excel these standards.

Our vocationally experienced Trainer-Coaches (formerly Assessors) have a wealth of experience from working in the industry. They will visit the apprentice on-site once every 4-6 weeks to coach, support and mentor the young person through the programme.

Our Trainer-Coaches will also want to meet the employer or trainer to discuss the apprentice’s progress and help develop them in areas where their skills may be lacking.

  • Trial through a traineeship

    There are many young people who dream of working in business but they often fall down at the first hurdle as they are lacking in key skills.

    hey need practical experience and training from professionals to make their aspirations a reality.

    A traineeship is a structured work experience programme for 16-23 year olds who:

    • Have minimal or no work experience.
    • Do not hold a Level 3 qualification.
    • Are not ready for an apprenticeship but could be within 6 months.

    The traineeship programme is a Government initiative to help school leavers and young people with insufficient work experience get their foot in the door and start developing useful industry and workplace skills.

    Is a trainee right for you?

    • There’s a robust trial period to ensure the trainee suits your business.
    • You’ll be able to test the young person’s commitment to work.
    • You’ll produce fit for purpose staff who understand your business demands.
  • Helping you recruit an apprentice

    Haddon Training offers a FREE recruitment service and there’s no finder’s fee for placing an apprentice.

    We advertise on different platforms and can reach up to 300,000 eager young people looking for apprenticeships.
    We carefully match applicants to employers and pre-screen them for eligibility.

    A member of our team will work with you to ascertain what kind of apprentice you are looking for:

    • What level of experience is required Level 2 or 3 candidate
    • What the job role of the apprentice will be including day to day duties
    • Whether you will be happy to offer a traineeship

    We will then advertise for that position freely on Get My first Job, Haddon Training Website and the National Apprenticeship Service. (Please note this could take up to 3 working days to be uploaded).

    Applicants can apply through each of these websites. Our team will call each one within 2-3 days, check their eligibility, experience and age etc. If we feel they have the appropriate experience for the position, we’ll then give the candidate your details to arrange an interview.

    Once you have chosen your apprentice, we will organise an enrolment with one of our qualified assessors, who will come out and sign the learner up to the relevant course. We will need to see your Employer’s Liability Insurance and a valid Contract of Employment between the employer and the apprentice at the enrolment.

    Through the apprenticeship we offer a support network for employing, developing and retaining your staff, we are, however, unable to give advice on employment law.

  • Financials

    You can pay apprentices the minimum National Minimum Apprentice wage of £3.90 per hour.

    • The National Minimum Apprenticeship Wage will rise on the 1st April 2020 to £4.15, unless they are aged 19 or over and completed the first year of their apprenticeship and then they should be paid according to their correct age bracket. We have put together a webpage to help with this.

    Apprentices aged 16-18

    All 16-18 year old apprentices are fully funded by the Government. There is no employer contribution cost to hiring within this age group.

    There is a £1,000 grant that employers receive for taking on a 16-18 year old, this is paid to the employer in two instalments:

    • £500 is paid 3-4 months after taking on the apprentice.
    • £500 is paid on successful completion of the programme


    Apprentices aged 19 and over

    The Government has made it compulsory for employers to contribute to hiring an apprentice aged 19 and over. The employer contribution varies across each sector and each level.

    As of the 1st April 2019 there is a very positive change for employers who don’t pay the levy and co-invest in the training and assessment of their apprentices.  The employer contribution has now reduced from 10% to 5%, with the government now paying 95% of the cost.  If you would like to read more on these changes please click here

    At Haddon Training we’ve created an effective payment plan that includes an initial payment to register the learner, and then a series of low monthly payments set up by direct debit over the duration of the apprenticeship.

    There are no Government grants for employing an apprentice in this age range.

  • Haddon Training's role 

    Throughout the apprenticeship the learner will be supported, coached and mentored by our experienced Trainer-Coaches. They’ll meet with the learner and you, the employer, early on to agree an Individual Training and Learning Plan (ITLP). This is to outline programme content, methods of teaching, training and learning targets, any support the learner might need and a visit schedule.

  • Responsibility of the employer 

    We see an apprenticeship as an equal partnership between the Training Provider, the Learner and the Employer.
    We believe you should be actively engaged from the beginning to motivate and encourage your apprentice through the programme.

    For this reason, you’ll be required to record a minimum of 8 hours per week of employer-led ‘on the job training’ in the Learner Reflective Journal.

    Our Trainer-Coaches will need access to the Apprentice for up to 3 hours once every 4-6 weeks to complete their visit. Either the employer or a senior staff member will be responsible for contributing to the training the Apprentice.

    You should create an environment in which there are clear progression and promotion routes, incorporating opportunities to challenge through further Skills for Life education.

    And you will of course need to provide a safe working environment for the apprentice and adhere to employment law.

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