Find out why an apprenticeship is a great path for you…

1: Learn while you earn – no need to get into debt attending a full time course, when you can learn while you work. Being an apprentice brings similar benefits as full time employment with a contract of employment, a weekly wage and holiday allowance. Apprenticeships usually work a minimum of 30 hours a week and are paid at least the NMW for apprentices.

2: Support and guidance from both employers and Haddon’s brilliant training staff. Haddon’s trainers want apprentices to succeed, they don’t just teach and assess progress; they coach, mentor and support too during their regular visits and also by phone and email.  Employers and their teams help, guide and train apprentices during the working week, giving the daily lessons in practical skills.

3: It’s a great way to stay in education without attending University. Not everyone wants/has the opportunity to go to University, whether it’s for financial reasons, not gaining high enough grades, because that kind of structured learning doesn’t suit them or a personal choice.  Apprenticeships are a great option to get the practical skills and qualifications needed for a chosen profession.

4: Traineeship and apprentice courses are great for school leavers to gain experience, skills, training and NVQ’s.  From acquiring key skills including Maths and English to practical NVQ’s in business or customer service and horse or animal care.

5: Gain practical and relevant training and experience to kick start your professional career.  Apprentices literally learn on the job, meaning the skills they pick up are going the ones they need to succeed in their chosen career.  The new Standards in apprenticeships mean apprentices are leaving with relevant experience and qualifications that employers are looking for in prospective employees.

You might not know that apprenticeships are open to Learners of any age, so it’s never too late to kick start your career.

We offer Apprenticeships in Business, Animal Care and Equine. To find out more and chat about our current vacancies you can contact us by giving us a call on 01672 519977 or sending us an email to